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A can of beer. The reason for this is that "beer can" said in a English accent also sounds like "bacon" said in a Jamaican accent and vice versa.
English: "Grab me some Jamaican Bacon while you're in the kitchen old chap, I'm extremely thirsty."

Jamacan: "Ya' waan fi get me sum beer can while you are at di butchaz? Me waant a sandwich, mon."
by Spambanjo2 February 23, 2012
The hottest black woman you would ever seen. She has gorgeous brown eyes and oh lawd dem legs and dat ass. She's rarely seen without wearing kneesocks. Also has the cutest laugh, smile, and looks sexeh with glasses. Her name usually starts with R or F.
That's one fine piece of Jamaican Bacon!
by Corvy January 20, 2011
When you wrap bacon around your penis and dunk it in botters girlfriends anal cavity.
cunt i Jamaican baconed your bitch last night
by iipezz December 17, 2012
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