land of ganja. chronic ass green guards at the airports sell sacks (according to my teacher)...make sure you talk to locals if u go there and youll smoke the fattest blunt rolled withe the best weed in the world (also according to my geography teacher)
senior trip were goin to jamaica ware you smoke some DANK!!!
by ganja king December 18, 2006
Top Definition
A small, independent island country in the West Indies (Caribbean). Originally a British colony and site of Port Royal, an important naval base and commercial center during colonial times. The country obtained independence from British rule in 1962. Currently famous for ganja, reggae music, the Rastafarian (rasta) religion, and jerk cooking. Home to a population of 3 million, the Bob Marley Museum, and some seriously frightening drivers.
Come to Jamaica and feel alright.
by hizaguchi April 21, 2005
land where gays are murdered and not welcomed
boom bye bye inna battyboy head
by CJ Maja February 20, 2005
The Worlds Best And Most Famous Tropical Island The Best Country In The World

A Very Hot Country
Jaysmyn: Are You Goin To Jamaica This Summer ?
Lyn: Of Course Jamaica Is The Best Country In Da World
Jaysmyn: Dunn Knoe !!

Lyn: Big Up Jamaica !!
by JamaicanLuver July 04, 2009
1) A neighborhood in the southern part of Queens, New York. Not to be confused with South Jamaica, which are 2 different neighborhoods but are close to each other and share the same name. Major streets include Hillside Avenue, Jamaica Avenue, Liberty Avenue, Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, Parsons Boulevard and Archer Avenue. Other well known streets are Linden Boulevard, Farmers Boulevard, Merrick Boulevard, Baisly Boulevard and Rufus King Avenue. Jamaica has gotten better, especially along the area of Hillside Avenue. Mosly a Black neighborhood, but gotten a little bit more racially diverse in the past few years. Jamaica is serviced by the E, F, Z and G train which go to Manhattan(NYC).

2) An island in the Carribeans. Known well for its beaches and beautiful vacation resorts. Can get really hot in the Summer, but that's why man invented Air Conditioners.
1) Hillside Avenue will forever be my home in Jamaica, Queens, NY.

2) Every Summer I go on vacation to Jamaica with my family.
by kidd menace April 22, 2006
A word to describe any female that is beautiful and makes your heart skip a beat just because you see her.
-Dude, I need to find me a Jamaica. But how do you know when you find her?
-If you can't keep your mind off her and you have a constant smile on your face because of her, you have found her.
by dickdiaper July 25, 2009
An Island in the Carribean, although not the only Island it seems to be the only one that people know of, or that comes to mind when people suggest something about the Carribean.
Idiot: Hey, where are you from?

Me: The Carribean

Idiot: Oh yeah I went to Jamaica last year,

Me: No, not Jamaica, Barbados.

Idiot: Yh, I love Jamaica, it's great!

Me: I'm not Jamaican!

Idiot: then why did you say you were?

Me: I didn't, I said I was from the Carribean.

Idiot: Excactly, Jamaica.

Me: Barbados! *slaps round the face and walks of in irritation
by TheForgottenDracula November 03, 2012
Where many LIRR riders must change trains to reach their destinations
5:04 to Babylon, change in Jamaica for Far Rockaway, Long Beach, and Montauk
by NBG November 14, 2007
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