Prison term for throwing or rubbing pepper or jalapeño in the eyes of an unsuspecting victim in the shower before taking advantage and buggering him. Meant to describe getting the worst of a disadvantage in any situation.
Larry this is worse that a Jalapeño Popper... My boss just fucking screwed me! He's taking away my IM!
by Hexicon September 26, 2006
A facial given by a Latino, preferably Mexican. Bonus points for hitting the eyes causing a burning or stinging sensation.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I love giving you head. Now I want you to give me a jalapeno popper," said Suzie.
by E-BombNYC May 15, 2008
A white,black,or otherwise non-Hispanic person, who only pursues, dates or has sex with Latino people.
All of Charlie's girlfriends have been Latina, he must be a real jalapeno popper!
by pink lady c January 26, 2013
An act in which a woman has previously cut up jalapenos (or another spicy pepper) and then fondles a male's privates, resulting in an unpleasant burning sensation.
I was so mad at my boyfriend the other night, I decided to make him fajitas and then give him a jalapeno popper.
by Panda DC September 05, 2010
Any child of hispanic origin or heritage who is overweight.
"Man, we were in the hood last night chilling when some Jalapeño Poppers came out of nowhere!!'

Jalapeño mexican hispanic slur beaner
by DasFeuerficker October 31, 2011
1. A mixed drink in which the ingredients consist of chilled semen and salsa, preferably hot. This particular refreshment is usually order shaken not stirred.
1.ok ok one more shot only if its a jalapeno popper... frank the tank! frank the tank!
2. My boyfriend didn't cum and i'm thirsty for some ejaculation. Barkeep, i'll take a jalapeno popper on the rocks.
by Cunt Lips October 23, 2004
Instance where a male has diarrhea that burns/hurts his anus so bad that symptoms include shaking of the legs, cold sweats, and most notably the shriveling up of the testicles. Because of this, many describe their testicles as beginning to ache.
"ahhh it hurts so badly" *thumping of leg against tile floor*

"yup, thats a jalapeno popper"
by hirec January 17, 2006

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