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A name that means "Mighty Warrior".

Individuals with this name are usually leaders.
Our boss' name is Jalani.
by heavery February 26, 2009
Reaction to being assaulted and mugged in Dagenham at 4am by someone posing as a policewoman
I was weak and weary resting on a park bench when a lady in a tracksuit claiming to be a policewoman asked for my wallet, I complied and handed it over before she hit me and ran away. In hindsight she probably wasn't a person in authority and I felt a right 'Jalani'
by Davey Rainbow September 19, 2013
the most gangsta person you will ever meet who can recite every line from "You've Got Mail"
"I'm tooken" and "I feel some type of way..." (angry voice)"I'm pettin' a dog and it feels good!"
by JAKIZZLE...his boo bear! April 22, 2005