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A name that means "Mighty Warrior".

Individuals with this name are usually leaders.
Our boss' name is Jalani.
by heavery February 26, 2009
31 7
Reaction to being assaulted and mugged in Dagenham at 4am by someone posing as a policewoman
I was weak and weary resting on a park bench when a lady in a tracksuit claiming to be a policewoman asked for my wallet, I complied and handed it over before she hit me and ran away. In hindsight she probably wasn't a person in authority and I felt a right 'Jalani'
by Davey Rainbow September 19, 2013
2 1
the most gangsta person you will ever meet who can recite every line from "You've Got Mail"
"I'm tooken" and "I feel some type of way..." (angry voice)"I'm pettin' a dog and it feels good!"
by JAKIZZLE...his boo bear! April 22, 2005
14 25