The cutest couple on the face of the planet and one that will most definitely be going to prom in 2017.
Person 1: Awww, Megan and Eric are so cute together!

Person 2: Yeah, they're almost like Jal!
by qwwertyuiop321456778 March 28, 2013
I approached a woman in a red light district. I asked what she offered. She replied "jal"
by St. Ias September 20, 2005
Large flab of fat hanging beneath the chin.
Damn! Check out your nana's jals.
by fathead October 19, 2004
Jals is a girl with a strong attitude, she's usually smiling or joking with her friends. Her name might be unique but she's just like every other person on planet. She's her. Her bright witty comebacks will surely bring a smile to your face. Her friends truly love her and she loves them all the same. She's bright and will lighten up any room with a single smile.

*whispers* she's also one of the best jimin stans heart emoji
Have you seen that girl, she looks like an angel. I bet her name is Jals.
by almostsugafree July 16, 2015
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