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Native to Guatemala, this primative creature is known for its large beaty eyes, greasy exterior, and extreme nervousness.

Although he seems harmless, beware! With every move subtle move you make he is steaking you out for his dreaded check-raise! However he can easily be scared off by presenting him with any of his natural enemies.

Here is a short list of his natural enemies: Being touched, being looked at, crispy fries, hamburgers (gross!), and scary restaurants.

AKA "Gwa2" (gwatoo)
"You never notice when I cut my hair, dad!"

"I hope he burns in a fire! NOW!"

"I'm soa aoll in"
by Smack Addict February 10, 2005
The Mexican Cartel. Ridiculously over-protective about cafeteria french fries and black jack addict.
John "Who is it"
Simon "Oh no! It's - JAKIIIIIISA!"
Alex G "Aye Chi Wah Wah!"

Anthony "I think you have a gambling problem..."
Jakisa "No you do amigo! AYE-RRRRRRRRREBA!"
Anthony "ugh!"
by T-U-R-T-L-E- P-O-W-E-R February 15, 2005
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