A fake name. Derived from the name Jamie, it first appeared when some tard spelled Jamie wrong.

Ever since people have been using this poor excuse for a name without knowing that its spelled wrong.

Jayme is another example of the misspelling of Jamie. Jayme is much worse as this is obviously incorrect (wheres the Y in Jamie!!)
hey Jaime, oops i meant to say Jamie

Jaime. Why is your name spelt wrong?
by Philosophymaster July 13, 2011
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The Master of the universe. Even better than He-Man
oh no! It's Jaime! Get on your knees!
by Jaime Sims January 11, 2004
Female (North American) or Spanish version of Jamie. Meaning is God is gracious in Hebrew or hot-assed mama in contemporary English.
God has been gracious and given us Jaime.
That Jaime is one hot-assed mama.
by nonamemcgoo August 14, 2006
Jaime - (n) - the most amazing person that anyone will ever meet. Jaime's usually have pale skin and dark hair and are absolutely gorgeous. Jaime's are fun-loving and are awesome to be around. They can always make you smile even when you are at your worst. They are easy to talk to and give great advice. Jaime's are so amazing that you want to be around them more and more each day! Jaime is smart, beautiful, funny, talented, and just an amazing person in general.
Boy 1- Do you know that jaime girl?
Boy 2- Yeah she is so gorgeous.
Boy 1- And she is so easy to talk to!
Boy 2- I love Jaime.
Slang for "skillz" "mad skillz" "godlike" or "immortal and powerful"
Micahel Jordan is so jaime!
by jaime got skillz June 14, 2008
A Jaime is a complex creature, a mystery to all who try and understand them. They are strong, beautiful, incredibly smart and pretty much the best Being ever created. You are truly lucky if you ever get to meet/know one.... just saying.
OMG.. did you see Jaime, I can't get over how AMAZING he is!..... just saying.
by Jaibm7 June 21, 2010
kind, intelligent, beautiful, loving person and wonderful mother!
She is great she's a Jaime
by Drew Berrymore February 04, 2010
A girl so beautiful, you wish she had a facial scar to make her a bit more uglier.
Look at that Jaime! She is so beautiful, I want to cry. I don't know why but I want to hold an angry cat up to her face!
by theboognish February 03, 2010

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