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A smart, beautiful, energetic person. Always makes you laugh, someone you always want to be around and can never get enough of!
You'll never guess what Jailyn said today?!!! awwwww <3
by dolcegirl November 08, 2010
2 more definitions who is afraid to get to have phone sex or fuck with her man. she needs to step it up before he leaves her scary ass!!
2. one who pretends to be a hoe but really isnt because she is scared.
boy: hey baby, you ready to fuck now?
girl: ummm...i don know, im not sure about all of this.
boy: UGH what the fuck!! your such a fuckin jailyn!!!
by chickmagnet18 March 26, 2008
A guy who is smart but is a closet freak fag and
has no genitals very nerdy and afraid of girls
Man that gay is such a jailyn freaking weirdo
by Malik Evans January 22, 2008

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