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a disgusting concoction mistaken for food in the prison system.

the jailhouse burrito is completely unrelated to an actual burrito, and contains none of the same ingredients; one is to assume it is named for appearance.

to make a jailhouse burrito, 2 - 3 bags of doritos are crushed and mixed together in one bag with a chopped up slim jim and a sauce to alter flavour (ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, soap, potato vodka, etc.). a small ammount of water is added (about 1/4 the bag), and it is sealed up and allowed to sit.

after a while, the water causes the crushed-up doritos to expand, encompassing the other ingredients and holding them static in the loaf (burrito).

the bag is cut away with a shiv, revealing a dorito-bag-shaped, salty dorito-based loaf with a similar appearance to a large wet burrito.

it is truly sickening, and can cause diarrhoea in a stomach that is not accustomed to the atrocious food eaten by prisoners.

not recommended to be tried by free humans.

or animals.

(this is a real recipe)
Tank sold Toofless-J to Hector for one of them bad ass jailhouse burritos he's always makin'.
by Wild Drunken Bill July 18, 2008