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Verb - The Act of Incarcerated Intercourse

Measurement - A vague unit of time and space that is usually no longer than a few minutes although taking a seemingly infinite amount of time. When used to measure space as well as time it's usually a very short distance but due to one's own intoxication this distance seems to take Forever. This measurement is usually used while high, drunk or waiting for a drug dealer. See Drug Dealer Time
Verb - "Man that was some awesome jail fuck last night huh? The warden sure knows how to use his nightstick"

Measurement -
1st example
John: "Goddamn Jim! I was waiting a whole jail fuck for you to get here!"

Jim: "John I was only gone 30 seconds....HOLY SHIT are you high man"

2nd example

Jim: "Hey man how far is your dealer? I wanna pick up some kush"

John: "Oh it's not far, he's just a Jail Fuck away"
by AdamTarget December 02, 2010
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