A member of the Australian youtube sensation, The Janoskians. He is currently dating one of the stars from the hit tv show Victorious, Ariana Grande.
jai brooks and ariana grande : JARIANA
by sydskd January 13, 2013
Jai Brooks is a hot YouTuber mostly know for being in a YouTube group with four other hot boys, called the Janoskians including two of his brothers Luke and Beau, and two extremely close friends Daniel and James. The Janoskians have over a million subscribers. Jai Brooks and the boys did a tour in 2013 called "#NotABoyband" and are doing another in 2014. Jai Brooks is also an extremely talented artist.
Fan 1 "Hey have you seen the new video on the Janoskians channel?"
Fan 2 "Yes, it was hilarious. Jai Brooks looked so hot in it!"
Fan 1 "His smile makes me melt!"
by {@thejanopig on twitter} January 26, 2014

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