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Breasts,boobs,tits,jugs,hooters,or knockers.
"look at those jahoobs! They're like watermelons!"
by S-Mo November 05, 2003
n. boob - From 70's show.
This reminds me I'm the only one who never saw Donna's Jahoobs.
-Michael Kelso

by Ken Nign May 30, 2006
noun - a woman's breasts, usually large ones
I hate that story, it just reminds me that I'm the only one here who hasn't seen Donna's jahoobs.

My what nice jahoobs you have.

I'd like to bounce those jahoobs.

Those jahoobs are as big as watermelons.

Hey Chuck check it out, her left jahoob is bigger than her right jahoob.

Those are some saggy jahoobs.

Hey Chet, get you're hands off my wifes jahoobs.
by shishakly July 17, 2005
*my dream*

hot girl "feel my jahoobs, yo"

*my reality*

hot girl "get the F away from me, foo"
by bunit November 06, 2003
Female Breasts of amazing size and shape.

Used to sound less offensive
Dude, Katy Perry has some very nice Jahoobs


by amadeo132 February 07, 2009
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