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An African word meaning God of War. Also meaning God of the Longsword and God of the spear. Anyone who has this name probably has a huge dick and/or will kick ass in a fight and will probably kill people with no regret. This type of person may or may not be in a gang and if so, they have great skills in fighting against mutiple people or fighting in groups of people. The people that have this name are usually quite cocky and usually express it to everyone by telling them how amazing they are. They usually succeed in life without having to try, just because they were born with amazing talent in every skill except for sucking.
Wow! Did you see Jahbari beat the shit out of that guy!

Omg Jahbari's dick is so big! I can't wait to have sex with him again!

Dude! I am so amazing, I just got a 97% on this test and i didn't even pay attention in class. I just got a scholarship to a division 1 football team and I got a date with a porn star!- Jahbari
by Asdfghjklouteq February 17, 2010

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