a song by Zebrahead
"JagOff" is my favorite Zebrahead song, along with "Playmate of the Year", "I'm Money", "Rescue Me", "Subtract You", and "Into You".
by Karen Stickney October 29, 2006
A person from Western Pennsylvania.
Coach Cal: "You must be from Western PA. Where you from?"

Buccigross: "Pittsburgh."

Coach Cal: "OK, so basically you're a jagoff."
by SH622 January 26, 2010
A dance competition where the two competitors do their best impersonations of Mick Jagger, the frontman of The Rolling Stones.

For tips on how to Jag Off correctly, watch The Rolling Stone's live performances on YouTube.
I hear Anthony and Brandon are going to jag-off at the party this weekend!
by thundercalves June 25, 2010
when a male masturbates or play with themselves.
eh i going home for jag off and then i'll be back right after.
by soupeeh March 11, 2011
A regional, childhood, Hawaiian slang for masturbation.
Whoa brah! What took so long? You was jagging off in da bathroom?
That guy, goin' home aftah school and goin go jagoff I bet.
by evilizac January 08, 2010
Funk band / Equal parts Detroit and Chicago
JaGoFF is the musical intersection of wherever waste dumps & abandoned factories meet the $5 lap dance and HAM radio. It is lo-fi. subversive, sweet soul polluted by lost weekends of sweaty booty, downtempo breakbeats and massive bass. Perversely honest, strangely beautiful and badass funky.
by Mofo Rising September 20, 2006
one who performs annoying or irrtating but ultimately benign actions.
He took food from my fridge again: he's such a jagoff!
by Minkus June 25, 2003

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