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jagoda is a beautiful women. she likes to have fun and be random. they give off lots of love and don't ask for much in return. they want to have that special someone to look after them because they are afraid to be alone. they are gorgeous and every man wants them. they can be picky but are usually not. they like men but when they find who they love they will stay with them and be loyal. no one is as perfect as jagoda. their names blueberry but only because they are small and sweet. everyone wants to be a jagoda. they are so full of life it is hard to not smile when they walk by.
jagoda is such a beautiful lady im so lucky to have her.
by everyonelovessomeone November 22, 2012
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Jagodas are known for how crazy they are. These Polish girls will ROCK YOUR WORLD.

They drink like European men, vodka being their drink of choice. You may not realize it, but they are usually drinking all throughout the day. Jagoda can drink you under the table, any day of the week, they walk the walk.

Jagodas are forces of nature in bed. Carnal like animals, constant sexual appetite. If you manage to get one, hold on for dear life! You won't find another girl like this and you can never go back.

Other than being European goddesses and rare beasts, Jagodas are known as most Polish women to be some of the most beautiful in the world and they have personalities to match. The life of the party. Some of the most caring, big hearted people you will meet. They are hesitant to let anyone in. but once they love, they love for a lifetime. Hurt a Jagoda and she will make you feel her wrath in ways that you will never see coming. They have also been known to go to great lengths to make people happy, no matter how insignificant the person or thing.

Fun loving, there will never be a dull moment, she will give your life purpose, a Jagoda is a catch!
"Who is that with him?"
"Jagoda?!?! How did he manage that?!?!"
by WheresWonderland91 June 02, 2013
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The name Jagoda has its origin in 1657 when a lot of polish drunken people were sitting together and had a little Mad Dogs party. They were thinking desperately about a name which would perfectly fit to a girl who can drink more vodka than any other human being and is still able to ride a bycicle made for a five year old.

Finally they got it --> Jagoda!

Since then it is the duty of every Jagoda to justify these expectations. That is why most if the Jagodas nowadays are not able to survive any more without a certain amount of vodka per day.

Beside the gift to be able to consume huge amounts of alkohol the Jagodas are famous for being super-funny, lovely and warm hearted persons. Sometimes they even cross long distances, for example to Finland just to make sure that some exchange students are going to have a wonderful, crazy and unforgettable time.
a special Jagoda who is in Finland right now!
by MiMuMadDogs December 03, 2010
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Evil woman that loves to bitch and complain, while constantly lying about one's behavior.
I hate that you're being such a jagoda!!!
by TG'sthename April 14, 2011
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