The guy in a bar who wears a (pink) polo shirt, two sizes too small, with a popped collar; and probably drove there in a Honda Civic.
Bra 1: I Just ordered that Jagaloon an appletini.

Bra 2: Good, that will go nicely with the bag of dicks he’s about to eat.
by PhuzzyLogic July 13, 2009
One who commits the act of jagaloonery.
Examples of a jagaloon are; John Madden, The Ravens, The entire town of Baltimore
by RPRIII January 19, 2009
a black person, or person of african-american descent, who has a brown to dark brown skin tone.
"I don't like jagaloons, they give themselves a bad name and then complain about it."
by the best !! February 10, 2010
replacement for stupid, idiot, moron or any other offensive term
maybe you should stop going out with people you find on farmers mingle, you jagaloon
by speck19 July 01, 2015

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