The guy in a bar who wears a (pink) polo shirt, two sizes too small, with a popped collar; and probably drove there in a Honda Civic.
Bra 1: I Just ordered that Jagaloon an appletini.

Bra 2: Good, that will go nicely with the bag of dicks he’s about to eat.
by PhuzzyLogic July 13, 2009
A person, preferably a man, who is social awkward. Usually has a "deep in thought" look on their face, even though this person rarely thinks. Can being knocked down by a weak gust of wind. Commonly referred to as a, "Steven Plaisance." A person who acts foolish, strangely, or ignorantly. Jagaloons should be kept out of reach of children and monitored around small animals.
The only thing worse than being a loseroni is being a jagaloon.
by ralven March 16, 2011
One who commits the act of jagaloonery.
Examples of a jagaloon are; John Madden, The Ravens, The entire town of Baltimore
by RPRIII January 19, 2009
a black person, or person of african-american descent, who has a brown to dark brown skin tone.
"I don't like jagaloons, they give themselves a bad name and then complain about it."
by the best !! February 10, 2010
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