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Jag-blast: noun \ˈdʒægblæst\
1 a: Two regrettable situations which have worked together for good.
b: Slang. A contemptibly vile and undesirable person; a more severe term for the slang "jerk."
1 a: Being "blasted" after falling into a "jag" (a cut or slash) would be two separately unfortunate situations, but together become beneficial.
b: From the verb "jag," which means "to move jerkily," the slang term "jerk" was taken (meaning any general insult), then compounded with the slang "blast," as in "that blasted child."
The business meeting was boring, but the fire alarm made it a jag-blast.

I met a really jag-blastic guy at the party.
by Hasha May 12, 2011
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