Very horny, state of sexual arousal - male specific
Im so jags I could fuck a choir boy at Sunday Mass.
by Nel3211 March 30, 2012
stands for: "Jewish American Gay"

JAG was created after JAP which stands for "Jewish American Princess".
So did you ever think you were going to meet a JAG?

I am totally into JAG's!
by The Fag-Hag October 13, 2009
Jag: Verb shortened from the term jag-off.
To mess up or lose something, especially money.
"People jag their money on stuff they don't need"
by Rubiks Cube August 07, 2009
1. To flake out, or not keep one's word.

2. To masturbate.
1. You threw me the jag the other day when you didn't come to the movie, after you said you would.

2. I caught my friend jagging to a porn video the other day.
by MoMo72 June 12, 2009
1. To screw up
2. A situation that has been screwed up
1. Oh man, I jagged so hard on that test!
2. Our attempt to organize a frisbee game was such a jag...nobody came.
by arianasp1989 July 22, 2006
A. To, through no skill of your own, make something fortuitous happen. or
B. To seriously screw up something. or
C. To burp the worm (masturbate).
A. You bastard! How did you jag that? (after winning a prize)
A. Somehow jagged that one! (after fluking a pool shot)
B. Oh fuck! I jagged it! (after missing a pool shot)
C. I didn't have anything to do, so I jagged it 'til it bled.
by Dav Byrne January 06, 2006
a reference to marijuana commenly used by old school hippies.
let's go jag it up(smoke weed).who's holding the jag.
by count jagula July 07, 2005

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