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n. Slang term for heroin.
U-Turn: You were supposed to pick me up a ki of jag.
Nancy: Jag?
U-Turn: I had it all promised out. What the FUCK am I supposed to do with this??
Nancy: That would be a euphemism for...h-heroin?
U-Turn: I'm gonna kill that bean-fartin' motherfucker.
by [The Monkey] October 08, 2010
A lag in publishing urban definitions on urbandictionary.com
tinysnowflake to deathtotakemysoul: Urban dictionary is jagging right now, its a pain in the ass...
by DEATHxCOW January 10, 2010
A jock who's also gay but usually in the closet. They walk around with a veneer of masculine bravado but suck dick when no one's looking.
Man, that guy on the baseball team is Jaggot weirdo.
I heard he gives b.j.'s in the weight room after dark.
by Milf Tosser August 13, 2008
Short for Jagermeister, the licorice tasting booze.
Girls slamming jag are looking to get stuffed.
by Ian January 22, 2004
A jackass, douchebag or asshole.
Hah! ur girlfriend broke up with u!

Dude, ur such a jag
by Bruinadams March 19, 2012
When someone light's their cigarette from somebody else's cigarette. It is very convenient when your lighter is running out, and you are craving a cigarette. Jag is short for jacking a drag.
Yo man, my lighter's out can I steal a jag?
by Lil Jager December 11, 2010
A political viewpoint, agenda or vendetta that one holds personally, and is not afraid to speak out on openly, loudly or obnoxiously, no matter how uninformed or ill-conceived
He was on some sort of political jag that night.
by jnwrx1 February 04, 2009