Just Ate Gotta Sleep
As in..."man, I got the jags after bingeing on all of that food"
by adcockk September 17, 2007
Pretending to be straight, but really is of a homosexual persuasion.
"He says he wants to go out with her, but just slept with Mike. What a JAG!"
by Toots04401 December 02, 2013
A sex position mainly used in 70's porno films. Mostly shown in the setting of a camper.
Hey did you see that new porno yesterday?

Yeah man I so want to try the Jag.
by asmith95 June 25, 2010
A lag in publishing urban definitions on urbandictionary.com
tinysnowflake to deathtotakemysoul: Urban dictionary is jagging right now, its a pain in the ass...
by DEATHxCOW January 10, 2010
A political viewpoint, agenda or vendetta that one holds personally, and is not afraid to speak out on openly, loudly or obnoxiously, no matter how uninformed or ill-conceived
He was on some sort of political jag that night.
by jnwrx1 February 04, 2009
to tease

someone who relentlessly teases is a jagoff - a real jerk

C'mon, I was just jaggin' ya
by mandingoe August 27, 2004
Short for Jagermeister, the licorice tasting booze.
Girls slamming jag are looking to get stuffed.
by Ian January 22, 2004
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