A verb to be used when one means serious business, and wishes to express their anger. Can mean to hurt, burn, kill, or basically just fuck the person up.
John: You know steve, you're kind of a tool
Steve: Shut up before I jag you.
by Dogface148 February 09, 2014
Jag is a Term, mostly found in Scotland as a Slang word for an Medical Injection.

However, They are not called a Jag once used, the name will return back to Needle, a Jag is actually when it is about to or within the Flesh of a person.
When She gave me the jag, she put the needle into a yellow bin.

Was your Jag painful?
by ScottishOne June 17, 2011
a load of banded lumber, or loose lumber that is stacked on the forks of a forklift.
Move that jag out of the way.
by Ron-0 December 05, 2007
Just Ate Gotta Sleep
As in..."man, I got the jags after bingeing on all of that food"
by adcockk September 17, 2007
Just A Giggle
It occurs to me that people seem to use LOL too often especially as in most cases they dont literally Laugh out Loud. This is a more modest term which is more accurate to the majority of situations and rolls off the tongue with ease.
Anything that makes you giggle without leaving you in hysterics.

When someone says something annoying like "You just turned up the LOLume" you can reply with "No but I am driving a JAGuar"
by The short kid Cam December 05, 2010
Just-A-Guy or Just-A-Girl. He's better than a SLUG (Semi Lingering Under-Average Guy), but he's really just a guy. It's NEVA his world - not now, not neva.
What a Jag!
by DRJC November 11, 2010
Just another Ginger, an acronym used to put people in their place if they over praise a ginger.
JAG: MHO "Chick Norris" is overrated. Bruce Lee never needed a freaking gun to kick ass and Bruce Lee isn't a ginger. Don't get me wrong I love to make grandiose lies about him and stuff like that. However, he is nothing compared to Bruce Lee. Mr. Chuck Norris is a "J.A.G." : just another ginger.

Shut up about Ron Weasly, nobody asked you, you're"JAG"
by Mothcoctw September 23, 2010

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