A slang for a British car Jaguar
1-Hey, I got a Jag
2-Wow, sure is a beautiful car
by britishcarsrule March 06, 2011
intoxicated, drunk, Jag-a-lag
Ho we was all Jag last night!!
by No hate in the 808 January 19, 2010
Swedish for 'I.' Prounced like 'YAH', not JOG, because like any Germanic language, J is prounced like the Y sound in English. The G is also silent.

(Also, object forms 'mig' and 'dig' are pronounced like 'may' and 'day.')

Here's a mini-Swedish lesson using I:

Jag själv = I myself.
Jag älskar dig = I love you.
Jag saknar dig. = I miss you.
Förlåt för att jag är en sån stor idiot = I'm sorry, I am an idiot.
Såvitt jag vet = As far as I know
Jag heter... = I am called...
Jag bor i... = I live in...
Jag vet {inte.} = I {don't} know.
Jag talar {englska}. = I speak {English}.

All the forms of the verbs in Swedish are the same for each personal pronoun. Any of the pronouns in the following brackets can be changed to any other pronoun in the Swedish language and it would still make sense.

{Jag} är (form of 'to be') = I am
{Jag} var (form of 'to be') = I was
{Jag} har = I have.
{Jag} hade = I had.
{Jag} ska vara = I will be (just add 'ska' to form a future tense before the infinitive.)
by VKrisja April 13, 2007
According to Webster and my experience in Iowa, this is a drinking spree.
Lets get that jag on!
by ewhogg March 16, 2007
jaguar - car
look at that jag, its the shit
by apoc November 06, 2003
A verb to be used when one means serious business, and wishes to express their anger. Can mean to hurt, burn, kill, or basically just fuck the person up.
John: You know steve, you're kind of a tool
Steve: Shut up before I jag you.
by Dogface148 February 09, 2014
An interest or area of knowledge.
A "thing," as in, "Are you doing that leadership conference jag this weekend?"
"Karen, do you like the new My Chemical Romance CD?"
"Nah, emo music isn't really my jag."

"George, does my tie match my shirt?"
"I dunno, man, fashion isn't my jag."
by R.K. Cooper February 10, 2008

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