A girl who likes to bitch about everything, can be a snitch also. Nobody likes her and she has a bad attitude. She is the ugliest bitch ever and if she likes you, I feel bad for you because your going to be talked about. :)
Jada is a stupid bitch!
by Yo Yo boss May 02, 2013
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A girl that is a extreme thug on the inside. can be very nice at times. but if made extremely mad she can become a mean thug. an undercover thug. that likes to take pictures but when she wants to. a shy person. loves music. very sexy and is waiting to find the right person to be in a relationship with. has a lot of haters and loves them.
girl that is black and is named jada
by Gurtrode February 21, 2009
A woman who is a very sweet person. she is very opionated and will always say whats on her mind. Shes very beautiful but doesnt believe so. Shes excedingly intelligent and can solve any math logic problem. She loves to find her astrological signs for different heritages. She gives the best advice and you can always count on her to be there for you and tell you what youre doing is stupid. she is a relatively calm person, only certian things get her mad, and she gets hyper when she eats. Jada's are definately the best people to have in your life as a friend or a lover.
"Jada is my BEST friend. I'm so glad I have her."
by SeeMeAtSchool26 May 13, 2010
THE most beautiful girl you could meet. Her personality shines when you ever get to meet her. When you meet her she is a little crazy, but the good kind that cant keep you away. She has long, curly brown hair and she is absolutely gorgeous. She is a little shy at first, but that will eventually blow over. Once you meet a girl like her your life will be comeplete. She is smart, funny, and an all around great person. She is waiting on Mr.Right and i KNOW he will come around. Once she finds that one guy that will treat her right and she doesnt have to feel insecure, she will know it's him.Her smile could stop a man right in his tracks and make him see the beauty in the world. Her laugh makes the worst of days seem so much better. I can talk to her for hours and never get the least bit bored. The greatest times I've ever had in my life involve her and i just cant imagine life without her. You could probably be around her your whole life and always have a brighter day.
The SWEETEST, CUTEST, and FUNNIEST girl you could ever meet. She is nice to many but when she has a problem with you, you will know. She's SPOILED ROTTEN and wants everything her way or there will be some issues. But in the end she is lovable, gives the best advice, and will always be a good friend!!
"Omg, its Jada! Heyy!!!"
by A one in a million Jada! November 21, 2012
A jada is a very gorgeous girl who makes you instantly like her. Her smile and bouncy curls make guys be having boners. Very big ass and big tits, thick thighs, athletic and fast runner, loves to listen to music, can very rude but in a suttle way and a very tight pretty pussy , trying to keep her virginity for long but may give it up before marriage, wanted by all the guys and can even charm you with her personality and words. Not a player but as for being so wanted, she has had many ex's 5+. Bait faced girl and easy to spot from afar as her fashion and swag is sexy and shows off all her curves in the right ways, can be very shy and insecure but has one bf whom is her ex and bf on and off and is her friend with benefit which she shares everything with, very smart and intelligent but dreams of typical: arwww baby no I love you more, you hang up first! White couple talk and can be easily in satisfied in her relationships leading to dumps!very funny and her personality is sweet, caring, flirty and a bit of a liar at times, loves to have fun and very apologetic, indecisive and loved by many peng boys, mostly suits lighties and brownies, black boys, and surprisingly blonde white boy.
Jada sexy
by Lightie like stickz June 29, 2013
Jada is a special kind of girl. She's not like others. She's pretty, smart, somtimes mean, and shy. She will appear very shy, but once you get to know her she will blow your mind. But inside she's a real softie. She will never show that you have got to her. She loves her friends. And will accept no crap from others. She will always stand up for her friends, and will always be there for them no matter what. Likes to have fun , but then she can be really bossy. At first she seems like she perfect and innocent girl, but once you get to now her *BOWW*
people with the name Jada are usally mixed.
by Me 💓 May 08, 2015
She is a tall, black, sexy mama!
Jada is a freak(the good kind) but can be a huge bich and she admits it. She loves good music and loves to dance...she also has big ass boobs and a big ass ass! She is a bigger girls and she no'z how to work it!! You can try to get in bed with her...it will be hard but if you get there....you will be satisfide...very satisfide.
by Hocuto March 30, 2011
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