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JadE-MO; (noun)

The act of being emo and actually pulling it off.
Must have a strange obsession with Gaara off of Naruto.
They must also have a passsion of horses and be an artist
JadE-MO's must also be random yet in a morbid manner
JadE-MOs are usually friendly people who would give their
lives for their best friends. They also make good
company especially over Summers. They cant stand the cold though. JadE-MOs are usually over protective of their
best friends. They are rough around the edges but after
a while they tend to open up and surprise you. JadE-MOs are
hard to come across so if you encoutner one you mustnt
let them go. If you do then you are a stupid son of a gunn.
JadE-MOs must also have a best friend named Melina. They both must be complete opposites and resemble the energy
of a nuclear bombb. JadE-MOs are incredible and amazinngg people that will always be there for you no matter what, And if you hurt them then Melina will come and eat you.
JadE-MO is sooo radd.
by Monstrous Melina. February 03, 2008
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