"Jacynda is a very beautiful woman, with an amazing body, beautiful face, gorgeous hair. As soon as you lay eyes on her you'll just fall in love. And her personality will just drag you in even more and have you hooked! she had a Very weird, funny, loud, and great personality, and very lovable. You just can't get enough of Jacynda. She is mean to people she doesn't like and likes to start problems with people who look at her weird haha. You can never stay mad at her. She is faithful and loyal. She is just one of the best girls you can have. She's definitely a keeper."
by Sabrina Ayala April 25, 2013
Top Definition
Jacynda is and Amazing girl who is super intelligent. She is georgous and is hilarious. She is the life of the party and can keep you going all night. A Jacynda is a good friend that you can tell anything to and trust. She is an amazing person to party with!
I wish i had a Jacynda.
by Spencer Langson May 13, 2011
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