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A beautiful, stylish girl.
Someone you want to spend a lot of time with. She's brilliant. Bring her home to mama, or just bring her home if you can!
I would love to be with a Jacquie.
by badbeat March 20, 2009
One who is glorious and fun. Often outgoing and insanely funny. Can be quite blunt, made for the stage, and loyal.

aka: perfect
My friend is Jacquie. This explains why I like her so.
by beautimous February 17, 2010
An initially shy and quiet, smoking hot, intelligent, sexually uninhibited, party hard lady who is surprisingly and annoyingly loyal. Jacquie's are practically a different breed. She is always trying to put a smile on your face, one way or another. Jacquie's aren't the relationship type so when you do get one in a relationship-- treat her like the princess that she is or another fella will strike like a snake craving a pussy cat.
That amazing Jacquie is dating you because you snatched her up before she saw someone else's huge penis.
by DirtySlick August 13, 2011