A Jacky is a yellow costumed superhero with the secret identity of 'Mr Cho'. Super powers include: Husband and Daddy. He is someone who will steal your heart for a lifetime and make you believe in fairytales. He is kind and patient. He will always make you laugh. He will protect and keep you safe. He will surprise you when you are least expecting it. He will always be loyal. He will always carry you in his heart.
One day a Jacky visited apartment 311 and stole a young girls heart.
by DeliciousDelight January 21, 2015
A dorky and nerdy Asian guy who's crazy beyond all recognition. Usually restrained but goes all out when socially active. Great with math, horrible with english.
Wow! You're totally Jacky-ing it up at the party last night.
by DoctorProctor411 August 19, 2005
Hates talking to people. He would much prefer to stand and watch TV alone. Goes to bed as early as possible, meaning 8pm at the latest. Listens to music all the time and just randomly says song lyrics. Has no reflexes. Loves eating pussy. Dick so large it rips through his pants on some days.
"Dude, you have a massive boner, so large you probably can't get in your car."
"Jacky gets in his car fine, I'll be ok."
by TruthCreamer March 11, 2015
A person/place/thing that is extremely delicious. Usually is full of some amazing chicken often cooked by a Jacky's mother.
*A customer arrives at a store full of Jacky's and points to one*

Customer: I want that one! It looks delicious and full of chicken!

Man: Of course! It's our most delicious type of Jacky, in fact, it's a Jacky Madrigal!

Customer: WOW! That means it tastes even better than a regular Jacky right? And even better than an already tasty Naeda!
by xxXSceneMachineXxx December 28, 2009
Prideful of the Union Jack.
After watching the Queen's speech, the man felt very Jacky.
by Johnfright October 17, 2010
Someone who greatly enjoys Musicals (example: High School Musical & Wicked). Has exotic lovers known as Kimmy, Stefan, Mary and Daniel. Tends to roll both ways. Very energetic and random. And has an obsession for the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Someone who is short, cute, and fluffy, like your neighbors puppydog. Either you hate her or love her, either way she's on your mind.
"Oh snap, you just pulled a jacky!"
by jackattacky January 26, 2009
A tall, sexy chinese guy who's left eyebrow sometimes disappears; he's still cooler than most people though
Jacky is not a girl, but a guy-- and is known to turn red when he shits
by Websters December 24, 2004
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