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Prideful of the Union Jack.
After watching the Queen's speech, the man felt very Jacky.
by Johnfright October 17, 2010
A tall, sexy chinese guy who's left eyebrow sometimes disappears; he's still cooler than most people though
Jacky is not a girl, but a guy-- and is known to turn red when he shits
by Websters December 24, 2004
Someone who greatly enjoys Musicals (example: High School Musical & Wicked). Has exotic lovers known as Kimmy, Stefan, Mary and Daniel. Tends to roll both ways. Very energetic and random. And has an obsession for the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Someone who is short, cute, and fluffy, like your neighbors puppydog. Either you hate her or love her, either way she's on your mind.
"Oh snap, you just pulled a jacky!"
by jackattacky January 26, 2009
A nickname for a person that denies masterbating because they think it will get them picked on.
Jacky, boy you know you wack it! Don't Lie!
by Stevey W January 27, 2009
-a cute, beady-eyed, loafy dog. known to potty in the house, eat chocolate and everything in sight, except for kimchi.

-very bad, unheavenlike (usually to describe breath)
Your breath is Jacky.
by Corri Jene September 11, 2006
Someone who likes to buy an excess amount of shoes (big). has a special liking to big white ones.

Also someone who is very uncoordinated unco because he is wearing big shoes.

cant play table tennis

\Jack"y\, n.; pl. Jackies. Dim. or pet from Jack. Hence: (a) A landsman's nickname for a seaman, resented by the latter. (b) English gin. Dial. Eng.
by Wong March 09, 2005
teenage female who's addicted to Star Wars and anything Asian :) Most commonly found cruising around Anne Arundel County in her '97 Pontiac Grand Am, playing multiple instruments, hanging out with her friends, and singing Broadway tunes at the top of her lungs.

See also "twin", "Renee" and "Star Wars fanatic."
Jacky would make a hilarious drunk. But then again, she's funny already :)
by RAD04gal March 30, 2005