A dorky and nerdy Asian guy who's crazy beyond all recognition. Usually restrained but goes all out when socially active. Great with math, horrible with english.
Wow! You're totally Jacky-ing it up at the party last night.
by DoctorProctor411 August 19, 2005
Jacky is pretty darn awesome. I nerd at heart. Has lots of rad friends. And music is her life.
Jacky, wow you are awesome!
by WhatANerd__ July 29, 2009
A female who is as nice as a puppy. Jackys never pretend to be someone their not, and they work hard to make sure everyone around them is having fun. They love to wear cute little dresses with polka dots. Guys always make sure to make some time for them on the weekends. Not to be confused with Jackies who are often annoying and very hard to get rid of. Jackys will always brighten you day, but beware they go nuts sometimes...
Hey, you! Do you want my freshly baked chocolate chip cookie?
OMG! Yea thanks! You must be a Jacky!
by alcemalijamayeathatjusthappend April 06, 2011
A person who gets all they can for their money.
"HEY! How come my lobster is smaller?"
"wow... you are such a Jacky!"
by Brian T. July 10, 2008
A male who is athletic, smart, and friendly. Excels in all aspects, especially sports, mathematics and science.
You passed again? You're a Jacky!
by stevejones October 18, 2007
The girl Ross N is in love with
If your name is Jackie S, there is an italian guy named Ross N that is in love with you.
by Rossmoss February 18, 2006
A person/place/thing that is extremely delicious. Usually is full of some amazing chicken often cooked by a Jacky's mother.
*A customer arrives at a store full of Jacky's and points to one*

Customer: I want that one! It looks delicious and full of chicken!

Man: Of course! It's our most delicious type of Jacky, in fact, it's a Jacky Madrigal!

Customer: WOW! That means it tastes even better than a regular Jacky right? And even better than an already tasty Naeda!
by xxXSceneMachineXxx December 28, 2009

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