if jacky boi is jack grayson then he is gay.

and likes cock.

and has a square head. and red cheeks.
its like somebody turned the colour tone up on his body.
ew 2 incher.
jack gAYson. spongebob squarehead. wannabe man whore. but really crap.
by xraven March 09, 2005
Top Definition
Another term 4 a Jack Grayson uno dat mad sex machine in epchs and has the 10 incher ne gilrs know wat im tlkin about
"Ohhh Jacky Boi please let me suck your cock"
by Jacky boi January 31, 2005
haha 10 incher ma ass a seen 5cm rulers bigger dan ur dik m8!! n whoeva rote that fing aba ur redness is so so so true!
haha yeah jack keepin dreamin m8y
by Maria April 11, 2005
jack hu ya tryna kid wit da size ov ya dik lol its tiny!!!! lol glad sum1 uva dan uz lot noticed ur blushered cheeks lmao, o0o0o0o ow funi eh an o ye stop rytin stuff aba urself sayin stuff da ur blantenly da opposite 2 haha u chav o w8 WANA B chav
o0o0o0o0 yeh jack geta grip wil ye!! wen ppl c u in da winda dey get confused weva der in da red lite district or juz bi ur ouse cos ya so red n brite !!!! LMFAO
by Kt April 23, 2005
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