A mix between a jackass and a retard. Mainly, it means someone who is really stupid and an asshole.
Man: Hey, queer, dig that hole!
Woman: No, stop being a jack-tard!
by pens0087 July 21, 2009
a jackass who is also a retard
That jacktard just cut me off!
by Jack Mr. Box June 20, 2006
1. A rough uncomfortable and unpleasant handjob.
2. A jackass and a retard.
That girl had no idea what she was doing. She gave me a total jacktard at the drive-in.
by 34kevianity August 24, 2010
A cross between a jackass and a retard.
Berback is such a jacktard.
by t1200 November 20, 2005
basically one of the greatest words ever. Also used as an extreme yet hilarious insult.
c-dav: humps the wall
drew: dude stfu you jacktard
by drew s January 01, 2005
A word that is a combination of jack-ass and retard. Used to insult someone who is completely stupid and beinga dick at the same time:
#1: Dude he just shitted I the sink and then blamed me!
#2: wow he is a real Jacktard
by Ader Titsof March 15, 2015

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