Jackies are beautiful and fun creatures. They like to sing, dance and drink. Often times you will find a Jackie shakin it like a salt shaker. Jackies often times talk like pirates when they are tired. Jackies usually have the most unbelievable stories.
Jackie: "Scrub me back! And me arm too!"

Eric: "WOW Babes, i think its time for nap, ahh kay?"
by bigbootyho1 October 07, 2011
the mom of the best person that ever lived, Marina Rodriguez. Jackie has attitude sometimes but it's ok because she has the awesomest daughter ever to help her. She let's her daughter catch on fire, but it's ok because she will just take her on a shopping spree to make it up.
who is that really cool girl that what birthed from jackie?
by sincerelymarina August 12, 2012
A female jackass;

A woman or a man who is incompetent in their job and blames everybody else;
Doesn't do it because of extreme lack of care;
Can't pass an IQ test if their life depends on it;
Lies straight to your face when you ask real questions;
Lies behind your back to get away with doing nothing especially when it comes to you;
Uses bullying techniques to get away with lies.
I told my project partner does she hasn't done her part and she pulled a Jackie on me.
Why would I go for help to Robert, he's a total Jackie.
by Emmadoesntlie April 27, 2015
A really sexy guy. Gets along with pretty much everyone. If this guy was a landform, he'd be a smoking hot volcano!! Pretty much a complete BEAST at powerlifting. So smart. So HAWT. Has a thing for short blondes. Synonymous with SEXY BEAST.
Girl: OMG he's such a Jackie!!!
by Sexybeastjacketstealer November 09, 2013
my annoying yet amazing sister who is super exited about collage. she also enjoys shopping. alot.
hey jackie!
dude collage at loyola will be sweet!
by cooliobuttcheak March 17, 2012
A girl who is small and Asian. However, she always wants to act latina with a bitchy and ghetto personality.
Do not trust that bitch named Jackie.
She is so Jackie. I bet she is from Asia.
Stop acting like Jackie, and start acting Asian.
by merman3178 February 17, 2015
Being a 'jackie' is a term used to describe a person who believes they know best about all things.
'Jackie' is most commonly used as a description of teen mothers (or fathers) who believe their experience has eqipped them with the skills to become a life coach.
Other 'jackie' traits may include: being easy (like the kooks song 'Jackie big tits'), speaking over others as jackies find their opinion is much more important than others and, in the case of a young parent; using their child as an excuse/explanation for everything.
Example 1
Person 1: "I just couldn't get a word in edge-wise last night"
Person 2: "I know, she was being such a jackie"

Example 2
The Jackie: "well you know, I am a mother- I don't get out much. Therefore, it's okay if I get blind drunk, snort coke and sleep around when I do"

Example 3
Person 1: " I have this problem..."
Person 2: "poor you, tell me about it and we'll try sort it out"
The jackie: *shouts over person 2* "look I know exactly what to do, I am a father afterall"
by yesmiss November 15, 2013

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