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Being a 'jackie' is a term used to describe a person who believes they know best about all things.
'Jackie' is most commonly used as a description of teen mothers (or fathers) who believe their experience has eqipped them with the skills to become a life coach.
Other 'jackie' traits may include: being easy (like the kooks song 'Jackie big tits'), speaking over others as jackies find their opinion is much more important than others and, in the case of a young parent; using their child as an excuse/explanation for everything.
Example 1
Person 1: "I just couldn't get a word in edge-wise last night"
Person 2: "I know, she was being such a jackie"

Example 2
The Jackie: "well you know, I am a mother- I don't get out much. Therefore, it's okay if I get blind drunk, snort coke and sleep around when I do"

Example 3
Person 1: " I have this problem..."
Person 2: "poor you, tell me about it and we'll try sort it out"
The jackie: *shouts over person 2* "look I know exactly what to do, I am a father afterall"
by yesmiss November 15, 2013
Jackies are beautiful and fun creatures. They like to sing, dance and drink. Often times you will find a Jackie shakin it like a salt shaker. Jackies often times talk like pirates when they are tired. Jackies usually have the most unbelievable stories.
Jackie: "Scrub me back! And me arm too!"

Eric: "WOW Babes, i think its time for nap, ahh kay?"
by bigbootyho1 October 07, 2011
my annoying yet amazing sister who is super exited about collage. she also enjoys shopping. alot.
hey jackie!
dude collage at loyola will be sweet!
by cooliobuttcheak March 17, 2012
An ugly ass bitch who thinks she is so pretty and popular but in reality not very many people like her. She likes to think that she is the center of attention and the world revolves around her.

Someone who often has mood-swings and dresses inappropriately to attract the attention of men and beasts alike. Fails horribly.
GIRL 1: I was talking to Steve, you that guy that I like and Jackie walked up to him and practically raped him
GIRL 2: OMFG! That is disgusting does she not have any limits?
by HI THERE October 26, 2013
A crazy bitch. She has many friends, but they are all fake. Her main purpose is to destroy your life. She smells like old food and dogs. Her skin is flakey, but she has a nice rack. At least it looks like she does, buts its really just bra padding. She thinks she is awesome. If jackie is ever in a problem, she plays victim, no matter what. Always complaining.
Sarah: There goes Jackie! UG! I wish she would stop his pity act!
Jonna: I know right! Oh my god, can u smell that? It must be her 5 dogs! Gross!

Thomas: Dude! Check out Jackie rack! Man, thanks god I can at least look at that instead of her face!
Mike: Come on! U know thats just her bra right? A girl with a face like that can't have a rack like that!
by DevilsHalo752 July 28, 2012
The name given to a bitch who's only good at two things: sucking dick and rolling joints. Jaclie is so cheap that'd she'd probably fuck you for a stylish shirt of her favorite band. She's the type of girl you'd never want to get involved with being the manipulative cunt she is.
"I fucked that bitch."
"Me too."
"What a Jackie."
by First in command February 28, 2013
A Jackie is a Jerkazoid, otherwise known as a Jerkie or Jerk for short. She is often annoying and has a voice like a frog being strung on a washing-line. Irritating and frequently obnoxious, Jackies have been known to fall UP stairs, to frequent unsavory establishments where they pass out drunk in the corner and lose their sunglasses (twice) as well as dip almost anything into a cup of tea/coffee before consuming it (one can only suppose that they have to soften their prey in order to devour it)
Oh look, what's that lumpy thing over there looking in the mirror and claiming that her eyes are green when they are distinctly mud colored and therefore hazel? Oh, it's just a Jackie.

Oh look, what's that thing over there with the ketchup-y colored hair? Oh that, it's just a Jerk dancing like a spider monkey and cawing at any lad or lass - tis their mating dance I presume, note the wild gesturing and flailing of arms, the stomping of feet. yes indeed, a mating dance. (throws up)
by Blaaaaa February 25, 2012