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"Jackie" is a first name referring to individuals who, while striving to be different, remain mundane reproductions of a society's most typical expectations.

Many will refer to Jackies as beautiful, intelligent, and kind. These things may certainly be true, but they operate within the constraints of a limited perspective. Jackies will always exhibit a few distinguishing traits, but are largely unable to escape relatively "ordinary" lifestyles.
"Though she's explicitly critical of national politics, I knew her name would be Jackie because she still votes along traditional party lines."
by hippo-criti-call911 January 27, 2013
The most radical person you know. They tend to like Dr. Who, Oliver Sykes, and cats. Typically they are a percussionist in a marching band. Usually really bad at piano. They use phrases like "Hi Friend." But you love them anyways.
Jackie is the coolest cat in the litterbox.
by Oiccortep August 26, 2013
Jackie is a rare and dangerous breed of women, one who deserves no less than Humphrey Bogart himself. Cross her and you'll wake up lying chained to the bedpost in a Hong Kong brothel with new found breast implants lying on your chest, if you're lucky. She can often be found captivating the masses with her intoxicating smile, marvelous good looks, and Earth shattering dance moves. Legend has it that she once fell victim to a man's charm, but it is speculated that it was only a ploy to gain access to his beard in hopes of stealing it for her own.
That Jackie is dangerous, you be careful with her. And DON'T touch her vinyl.
by Butternut October 16, 2012
Standard unit measuring mass. One Jackie is roughly equivalent to the mass of 6 standard fun size candy bars. Can be abbreviated Jc
Friend 1: Ugh. I just ate seven Jackies of schnitzel.
Friend 2: That's crazy! How are you still alive? I can't even finish 2 Jcs!
by PapaKev October 31, 2012
A very pretty girl whose best friends names are usually Hunter or Blake or Samantha. She is soooo nice and super crazy. She is fun to be around and gets ALL of the guys. Everyone loves her and wants to be her. She usually has pretty blond hair and is very smart and a GREAT singer.
girl 1: Did you hear Brad asked out Jackie today and she said yes?
girl 2: No way I liked Brad!
girl 1: Me too, she always gets the guys I like! I wish I could be her.
by hunts weisly April 25, 2011
A really sexy guy. Gets along with pretty much everyone. If this guy was a landform, he'd be a smoking hot volcano!! Pretty much a complete BEAST at powerlifting. So smart. So HAWT. Has a thing for short blondes. Synonymous with SEXY BEAST.
Girl: OMG he's such a Jackie!!!
by Sexybeastjacketstealer November 09, 2013
the mom of the best person that ever lived, Marina Rodriguez. Jackie has attitude sometimes but it's ok because she has the awesomest daughter ever to help her. She let's her daughter catch on fire, but it's ok because she will just take her on a shopping spree to make it up.
who is that really cool girl that what birthed from jackie?
by sincerelymarina August 12, 2012