Jackie is a beautiful girl with a great personality. She will do almost anything for her friends. Usally has blonde hair good looking body and very down to earth girl. Forgives people easy, works really hard in school usally among the top students. She is very popular but befriends a lot of people. Picks on her best friends. Hates when people lie.
That girl is beautiful who is she?
Well she is mostlikely a jackie.
by ryguy495 September 05, 2011
A name commonly made up to anger your friends girlfriend.
Friend(on the phone with girlfriend) hey babe
You:are you talking to you girl
Friend: yea
You: oh, tell jackie i said hi
(girlfriend hangs up phone)
by GoldenBOy122435 October 09, 2011
Jackie is the name of the nicest person in the world. Jackie usually has beautiful blond hair and is amazing in school. EVERYONE loves her. She can get a guy drooling over her in seconds. She is so pretty and is everyones best friend.
girl 1- Did you hear? Jackie is dating Max!!!!
girl 2- WHAT?? She is so lucky I like him too.
girl 1- Me too. I'm so jealous, she has everything.
girl 2- Why can't we be just like her?
by hunts weisly May 02, 2011
An amazing hot colombian/italian girl, with an amazing body, smart, amazing between the sheets, best ass in the world. an amazing girl, love of my life, wish i could have her forever. one of the best people i know and deserves only the best
Jack. A. M......amazingness. jackie is a god.
by slappy1212 November 21, 2010
A Jackie, is a women who loves their man very much, they often do crazy things for them and try to deal with their annoying men. She has beauty that is un-matched by anyone, and when u meet her, she will often leave you with your mouth left open. She is a great lover, but shouldn't be looked down upon, because she will protect the ones that she loves. She is the most beautiful, gorgeous, and over all the best girl you will ever meet.
Jackie is the most beautiful girl in the world

Jackie tended to her man, Nick
by Wallman18 March 27, 2013
Jackie is a beautiful girl and has a great personality. She is the most friendly, loving friend you can ever find.

She is that girl that is very optimistic and she loves making people happy.
She will do anything for her friends.
She is always fun to be around.
She can be one of the to students in school.

ANYONE is lucky to have her.
Wow! That Jackie is amazing!
by superstition December 14, 2013
Jackies are almost all ways the nicest girl in school. She might not have good grades, but she tries her best. Jackies are extreamally friendly, and tries her best to please others. Their also sometimes very tall. If you get a Jackie, treat her well. She might not be sporty, but she will try to please her. If you find a Jackie, she will try her best to befriend you.
Friend: Hey, its my birthday tomorrow!
Jackie: Okay, I'll try to make it one you will never forget!
Whore: I wish I was Jackie....
by awesomegall1234567890 October 25, 2012

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