A Jackie is a Jerkazoid, otherwise known as a Jerkie or Jerk for short. She is often annoying and has a voice like a frog being strung on a washing-line. Irritating and frequently obnoxious, Jackies have been known to fall UP stairs, to frequent unsavory establishments where they pass out drunk in the corner and lose their sunglasses (twice) as well as dip almost anything into a cup of tea/coffee before consuming it (one can only suppose that they have to soften their prey in order to devour it)
Oh look, what's that lumpy thing over there looking in the mirror and claiming that her eyes are green when they are distinctly mud colored and therefore hazel? Oh, it's just a Jackie.

Oh look, what's that thing over there with the ketchup-y colored hair? Oh that, it's just a Jerk dancing like a spider monkey and cawing at any lad or lass - tis their mating dance I presume, note the wild gesturing and flailing of arms, the stomping of feet. yes indeed, a mating dance. (throws up)
by Blaaaaa February 25, 2012
Top Definition
Jackie is the name of an incredibly beautiful girl that is good in school, is athletic, has an amazing body, can get a guy drooling over her in seconds
Her mane is Jackie I bet she is an amazing girl
by BFra34 May 06, 2009
Adjective- A gorgeous, thick, beautiful female, with a nice ass and a kickin' bod, and is GR-R-R-REAT in the bedroom!
DAYUMMMM, that is one hawt Jackie!
by Ashleigh Smithsoniank March 07, 2009
elegant and curious, enjoys making people happy and is very optimistic, often relating to the late Jacqueline Onassis
She is almost as elegant as Jackie.
by Kennedy lover March 02, 2009
Jackie is a name bestowed upon a girl who is both beautiful and amazing. She is the type of girl to make everything better when you are with her and to leave you aching when she is gone. Jackie can come with any different sort of hair color or style and be any type of bodyshape. They are extremely rare and hard to catch but once you catch one they are extremely loyal and faithful until they die. Jackie is not just a girl, she is THE girl. We could all only be so lucky as to find our very own Jackie.
Girl: I think I'm in love with you.
Guy: Will you be my Jackie?
Girl: YES!

All Girl's friends: Wow she is so lucky, I wish I could be someone's Jackie.
by Angel Eye Hopper August 18, 2011
Jackies are a rare and mysterious breed. Some say that they are pink hippopotami, but they do in fact exist. Seriously. Jackies are incredibly beautiful and hilarious and playful and will carry you on their backs up entire flights of stairs. They are very intelligent, and enjoy french things and music. Jackies make the world a better place.
Person 1: Jackies are the best!
Person 2: Yeah, they're my favorite! I love Jackie.

by Love Swan August 19, 2010
A selfie while masturbating.
While I was looking at porn on my phone, I accidentally took a jackie.
by Cpt. Kegel June 06, 2014
Jackie is a beautiful girl with a great personality. She will do almost anything for her friends. Usally has blonde hair good looking body and very down to earth girl. Forgives people easy, works really hard in school usally among the top students. She is very popular but befriends a lot of people. Picks on her best friends. Hates when people lie.
That girl is beautiful who is she?
Well she is mostlikely a jackie.
by ryguy495 September 05, 2011
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