A semi-sucessful children's cartoon show from the early 2000s. Featuring a cartoon version of Chinese Martial Artist and movie star Jackie Chan and fictional friends. The episodes would conclude with supposed questions from young fans for Jackie. He would try to answer them to the best of his abillity, but his lack of being able to speak English caused him to fail and he'd wind up saying a sentence of random words.
Wow, on Jackie Chan Adventures, Jackie really sucks ass at English.
by oboemastah June 26, 2007
Top Definition
Animated series featuring Jackie Chan in a series of fictional adventures, aided by his fictious neice Jade Chan and his uncle "Uncle", he fights the forces of evil and collects various artifacts over various seasons to prevent them falling into cruel hands.

The highly respected series took a downward spiral in Season Three when the plots were all re-hashed and Jade became an annoying bitch.
Jackie Chan Adventures season three featured Jackie trying to gather animals infected with the mystical energies of magic Talismans.
by David Griffin February 18, 2005
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