When someone does something only a retard would do
Trying to fix the paper shredder with his penis was a fine example of jackassery
by talonian November 21, 2007
The act of, or knack for, being / behaving like a jackass by either word and/or deed.
While at the movies last night, some bluetool committed jackassery by answering a call and talked loudly through most of the film.
by johnny coolbreeze May 31, 2007
1. n. A place where there are Jackasses (the animal) or people who act like jackasses.

2. adj. Statements made by a jackass ,or person, which are untrue, and which the true facts are already known by the listeners.

3. v. The consistent act of being a jackass.
1. That party is full of jackasses, it's going to turn into a jackassery.

2. Hey, Will just try to tell me Beautiful is spelled with a V, what a jackassery.

3. Becky always does some stupid jackassery everytime she gets drunk!
by El_Hombre September 11, 2006
1. The act(s) of behavior relating to a jackass.
Billy was kicking the soda machine because he had no money, so he was committing jackassery.
by El_Hombre September 11, 2006
Acting like a complete jackass.
Derek was displaying some quality jackassery in the bar last night.
by VAKI5 May 08, 2005
1.The ART of being a complete jackass.
2.When a person acts as a Jackass jackass
Waht kind of jackassery is this?
Thats complete jackassery.
by Mike G January 11, 2005
1. the act of being a jackass
2. I am sick and tired of your illogicality and overall jackassery--and I made this word!
by Frank Herdlin May 21, 2004

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