1. The effect of foolish or thoughtless actions, such as performed by a jackass.

2. The foolish or thoughless actions of a jackass.

3. The practice of being a jackass.
"He finds himself suffering from his own jackassery."
by Kat Richardson July 20, 2005
Any fit of extreme buffoonery that causes even Nickelback fans to shake their heads in disbelief.
Lexington, KY, sports reporter Alan Cutler's mad chase of fired UK coach Billy Gillispie through the halls of the Joe Craft Center was jackassery in its purest form.
by Vanilla Dong March 31, 2009
the act or actions of a stupid person, or jackass.
Andrea: "boy, that guy sure parked in a clearly labelled handicap zone."

Dan: "Yes, Andrea, he sure performed a flagrant act of jackassery in his decision to park there."
by dantheplumber January 26, 2013
A person who thinks he is all that and perfect, when in reality he is a extremely controlling maniac bent on destroying the lives of any one he befriends. He has no self restraint and is a giant rolling pile of douche
Him: I got high today

Me: that's nice, i thought about it but didnt

Him: WHAT!? you thought about getting high that is the most stupid horrible thing you could do you fucking retarded dumb ass!!!

Me: ...You just said you got high.

Him: I lied, just to see what stupid piece of shit you would come up with.

Me: You sir, are full of jackassery.
by GameShowHost April 21, 2011
1 situation short of a clusterfuck
Q: Did you go to the mall today?

A: Ya. What jackassery. Everyone was acting stupid. If one more person had bumped into me, it would have been a clusterfuck because I was gonna kick some ass.
by Alohaman97 December 18, 2010
The act of being a jackass.
Ed's jackassery resulted in the window getting broken.
by Charlie13 January 27, 2009
The act of engaging in any behavior or committing any act of stupidity that only a jackass could do.
Speeding on icy roads "because your car or truck CAN" and swerving in and out of lanes around other cautious drivers. Like, the jackassery of the SUV driver on icy roads during a blizzard led to him/her losing control and flying off the bridge to a horrible death in icy waters.
by mkrmom January 27, 2009

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