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Old timey insult, perfect for parties or other social situations; one of the defining characteristics of The Sneak
"Good sir, I would say that you are quite the jackanape, perhaps even a coxcomb."


"Who's that charging jackanape with moxy and pizzaz? It's the Sneak! It's The Sneak!
by Chris Garay September 23, 2005
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Jackanapes: Definition 1. Noun - Someone unimportant but cheeky in manner.
Kyle's a jackanapes; James is always screwing around, he's such a jackanapes!;
Li'l jon is such a jackanapes
by DizzieDee August 01, 2005
A haughty, insolent fellow.
"I do say, that new student is quite haughty and insolent, quite the jack-a-napes."
by Ledbatz February 29, 2008

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