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the amazingly cute, and halarious lead guitarist of the best band, All Time Low.
Jack Barakat: I'm really good at guitar, excpet for when i actually play.
by ALL13 August 05, 2008
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Jack Barakat

Jack Barakat:(n.) an EXTREMELY gorgeous guitarist for an AMAZING band, All Time Low. He and Alex Gaskarth (lead singer, lead guitarist) recruited Rian Dawson (drummer) and Zack Merrick (bass guitarist) and the four went on tour, immediately becoming a crowd favorite with their winning personalities and amazing talents. Jack has started his own clothing line for Glamour Kills (JAGK) and is possible the most popular member of the band. Well, besides Alex:) Jack is very random and funny and, although he plays guitar, it does not necessarily mean that he is good at it;) He jokes around about everything, from Alex's curvy, blue penis to herpes to fish. You can find out what other things Jack and the rest of the band joke about in interviews on Youtube. just type in "All Time Low Interviews" and go from there:)
Jack Barakat: only bested by Alexander William Gaskarth
by sarahmichelle:) April 04, 2009
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person 1: hey do you like jb?

person 2: yeah man i love jack barakat!
by suulfurrseaa May 26, 2013
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The adorable and highly talented guitarist of the band All Time Low. He jokes about anything and everything. At the Galmour Kills Tour he admited he wanted to leave with four girls and go home to his Matt Damon blow up doll, BUT if anyone knew the real Matt Damon, bring him too. Singer Alex Gaskarth said if someone brought the real Matt Damon he would be along for the ride as well.
Jack Barakat: I need a girl, or two or three or even four to come hom with me tonight. Because all I have at home is a Matt Damon bow up doll. But if anyone knows the real Matt Damon, you can bring him.

Alex Gaskarth: If someone brings Matt Damon, I'll come too.
by JesieKonstantine829 January 04, 2010
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Amazingly sexy guitarist of the band All Time Low. He likes the macarena and wants herpes. He still hasn't found his mom yet and although he is a guitarist, it doesn't mean he's actually good at playing. He has great hair but a little penis.
Have you seen Jack Barakat lately?

Oh yeah, he was looking for his mom!
by Meghin Barakat January 19, 2009
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The adorable guitarist for All Time Low that's been my favorite for three years. He also called me pretty.
Me: Hi Jack!
Jack Barakat: Hi! *hugs*
Me: Okay...*laughes*
Jack: You're really pretty when you laugh.

Me: Uh..?
Jack: BYE! *runs into the port o potty*
by Jemy May 31, 2009
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the uber smexy guitarist of all time low!!! he rox my sox!!!!!!!!
jack barakat is deffinently the second coming
by his_luver October 26, 2008
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