A wanka who uses girls for sexual shit when all they want is a honest relationship
That dudes a jack

How'd ya kno he fingered me
by Jdavidson April 29, 2011
the alternative for five pounds sterling
" yes bruv that will be a jacks (£5)"
by rasoool March 26, 2003
(noun) To abandon manly activites in favor of anal sex with another male at a gay ass orgy.
Dude, he just pulled a Jack on us. Dont worry, I told him to double wrap.
by candycornwhore November 08, 2011
A fat gay skinny prick with elf ears
Hes a jack
by Jjcbhhggyyhjn October 31, 2011
A man who can trick you into anything, even if your totally against it. Who only cares about his own well being, may seem like he cares about you but really doesn't at all. Usually mentally I'll in a crazy way, and very smart. Even if he is not that attractive he still has more charm than anyone, he says he loves you and makes you believe it till he doesn't call the next morning. When you ask about it he claims he is not good at the morning after thing. And you think it's cute. Over all just a tease, makes you fall in love then drops you on your ass.
josh: what's wrong with that girl?
jack: she thought I loved her then i dumped her but continued to see her and tell her I wanted to get back together so I could get some

josh: ooooh that's tough, she got jacked.
by Ihatejackohaver February 27, 2011
People from Gods country.
by Tiger September 29, 2003
A jack is normally a boy who is obsessed with sport and has no time for girls, he is inconsiderate and arrogant which makes people dislike him. Despite this he can occasionally be sweet and loving however most of the time he is a cunt and cannot treat girls properly. Also he is the biggest failure ever! LOL
I've failed that test
Not as bad as jack failed though!
by loltruedat December 29, 2010
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