Slang for money, usually refers to large amounts.
To get a car that nice, this guy had to spend some jack.
by TommyNoleFin May 03, 2011
street slang in NYC for bags of crack
swallow those jacks my nukka, po-9 is rollin up!
by hustlenomics June 21, 2006
another word for pay phones
"Also, cribs is homes, jacks is pay phones
Cocaine is known as candy, cigarettes is bones"

-Big L
by nas February 16, 2005
A very moist boy-man-child with a creepy smile and a butters hairline. Jack will perv on girl's boobs and will, if encountered with the chosen female to bond with, he will perform a cleveland steamer to the woman's breasts. To meet a Jack is very unlucky and must be avoided at all costs, the Jack is most likely a French, thin young man that loves to moisten his very small ball sack.

He loves to poke you on Facebook nonstop and in real life if you are not careful. Always carry pepper spray if you ever come across Jack. He is a very dangerous one that has Ebola and Aids.
Girl: Ugh there was this creepy guy at the club, I think his name was Jack
by Mr I Fuck Children October 02, 2014
J - Just
A - Antoher
C - Confused
K - Kafa
That guys is a fucking J.A.C.K!
by Dudet July 15, 2012
A very small and drastically curved penis usually 7 inches or less.
Girl one: "Well why did you break up with him?"

Girl two: "He had a Jack!"

Girl one: "Thats just sad..."
by STiFFBASSiST February 26, 2012
brown hair, brown eyes, long fingers, talks to himself, random, many explicit dreams, cute, likes sno-balls, and artsy. Doesn't have a wide vocabulary and loves indie music. Most Jacks are sarcastic and sweet and sexy. Jacks are picky with girlfriends but when they do they're HOTT ;). Tan and funny would describe most Jacks. The typical Jack is attracted to blonde haired girls with green eyes. Total sex on legs.
jack is so cool, it's too bad he has a girlfriend!
by sydney73197 April 18, 2010
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