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D.C. slang for cigarette.
Ay slim, you got a jack I can burn?
by Remy3000 March 11, 2010
1. To masturbate
2. Alternative word for Nothing
3. On Your Own (An abbreviated form of "Jack Jones")
1. "Come on, who doesn't feel the urge to Jack one off when you see her on the telly?"
2. "I've done Jack all day"
3. "I'm on my Jack at the moment"
by Wo Wogan March 26, 2004
a name short for jack ass, but instead of using the whole word, you just shorten it to jack.
"let me pull over and let by buddy jack go"
by .fdl May 01, 2010
Can be a skater a fag, usually into Avril lavigne and is into emo girls. Usually look like randal from recess and can half Polish
Jack Gobson,
by gat-man-tamo May 28, 2010
A slang term for a black person in South Africa.

It stands fof `Just Another Confused Kaffir`
The Check in agent was Jack
by Clipboarder December 25, 2009
1. a slang for the alcoholic beverage, Jack Daniels

2. To masturbate
1. We got fucked up with a bottle of jack

2. i jacked 3 times last night
by Jimmy097654 June 02, 2006
The mist ignorant dushy guy on the planet. He is super annoying and won't leave you alone ever. He can't stop talking and will always stalk you. If you ever meet a guy like jack don't like him. (HIGHLY ATRACTIVE)
Damn that jack is sexy

Ya but he is a total dush.
by californiagirl11 February 04, 2010