J - Just
A - Antoher
C - Confused
K - Kafa
That guys is a fucking J.A.C.K!
by Dudet July 15, 2012
A very small and drastically curved penis usually 7 inches or less.
Girl one: "Well why did you break up with him?"

Girl two: "He had a Jack!"

Girl one: "Thats just sad..."
by STiFFBASSiST February 26, 2012
brown hair, brown eyes, long fingers, talks to himself, random, many explicit dreams, cute, likes sno-balls, and artsy. Doesn't have a wide vocabulary and loves indie music. Most Jacks are sarcastic and sweet and sexy. Jacks are picky with girlfriends but when they do they're HOTT ;). Tan and funny would describe most Jacks. The typical Jack is attracted to blonde haired girls with green eyes. Total sex on legs.
jack is so cool, it's too bad he has a girlfriend!
by sydney73197 April 18, 2010
Usually used to buy a certain amount of weed worth £5 but has now been morphed to just plainly mean £5 in London Street language (jafaican)
"Oi rob, have you got enough for the cinema?"
"Nah Fam, I only got a jacks, buck (lend) me a nugget (pound)"
by Fiverdotman April 16, 2007
Jack is someone who is exceptionally gay and has a secret(or many secret) relationships with boys. However he tries to hide this by chasing skirt and basically getting as much pussy as he can. Sometimes he may truly have feelings for the girl but he tends to prefer men. The signs of being gay are all there and many people say that he's gay but no one really thinks it.
Girl: You know Danny right?
Boy: Yes! Oh my god he is so fit!
Girl: What the fuck?! Your such a Jack.
Boy: No I'm not. Suck my Dick bitch.
by BlondeBitch1975 February 22, 2014
0.00001 mm penis that he thinks is massive and he is a total douchebag and like men especially people that are called jacob
jack wants jacobs penis
by connor charalambides January 01, 2012
This guy is an ultimate farmer. He is rather large and a bit of a jack. He likes to think he has friends when in reality he is all on his 'jack'. he bigs himself up and pretends that he is hard but he is truly whipped.
"yo that kid's such a jack!"
by danny mayer November 15, 2011
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