a man who attracts asians
girl: *gasp!* "He's so handsome!"
boy: "hi, i'm a jack!"
by stumped bananas August 16, 2010
1. in the washington DC / metro area a jack is a cigarette

2. like everywhere else it can also be to steal
1. yo man can i bum a jack?

2. fuck he just jacked my box of jacks
by niggermon August 06, 2010
The word Jack is a military term given to an individual who is in the words of Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt of the Australian Army "A bad bloke."
The term Jack is given to someone who is not helping out his mates with tasks and generally being a shit cunt. If an individual is not helping his mates it is said he is "going jack on his mates."
The word Jack is frequently combined with the term Cunt or Fuck to more deeply illustrate the individual's Jackness as well as for added insult. Thus if a mate is being exceedingly Jack he is be called a Jack Cunt or Jack Fuck.
Digger 1 "Oy mate help us out with cleaning the Mag 58"
Digger 2 "Na mate i cant i gonna go have another darb."
Digger 1 "Thats your twelvth darb this hour you are dead set the Jackest Cunt i know.

Old Matey 1 "Oy you coming out on the piss tonight."
Old Matey 2 "No i can't i am too tired."
Old Matey 1 "You fucking Jack Cunt you didn't hit the piss last week either fucking Jack mate."

Pte Johnny "hey you going to Sydney with the boys this weekend."
Pte Jibbs "Yo man i cant i am trying to save money."
Pte Johnny "Oy is your name Jack cause your a fucking Shit Cunt."

Nardella "look at this cunt all jacked up on his own jack what a jack fuck."
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill July 22, 2010
A highly useful word with many meanings
1) a man's first name, either as a shortened version of Jackson or as a nickname for John/Jon
2) a shortened version of jack-ass, as a way to avoid swearing
3) a substitute for the word shit, another way to avoid swearing
4) a nickname for a baseball home run
5) the nickname for Jack Daniel's Whiskey
6) a type of card in a standard deck
7) slang for stealing/ripping off, probably derived from the work 'hijack'
8) slang for excitement
9) slang for a beating
10) a nickname for money, popularized by the movie 'New Jack City'
1) Jack London was a famous author.
2) "Stop making jokes and be serious, Larry. Don't be such a jack."
3) "Keith, stop acting like you understand. You don't know jack about what's going on with me and Emily."
4) Jason Bay hit a three-run jack over the left field fence.
5) "Hey Amanda, you wanna share the bottle of Jack I have hidden in my drawer?"
6) The jack is the face card with the lowest value.
7) "Those bastards at the convenience store jacked me out of my change. They gave me back a 5 instead of a 10."
8) The Steelers fans were really jacked up when they realized that their team was going to the Super Bowl.
9) Ross had been hitting on Charlie's girlfriend, so Charlie challenged him to a fight and really jacked him up!
10) "You got the jack to pay for this coke?"
by Tit For Twat January 18, 2007
To be seriously messed up. Whiggers often use this phrase when trying to act ghetto.
That teacher gave me a D because I didn't cite them correctly." "Foo, dats jack." "...Stop. Just stop. You're not black
by >;{D June 18, 2010
in the DC Metro area a jack is a cigarette
You tryin' to smoke a jack?
by Nykwa December 29, 2009
Comes from the infamous "Car lot lingo". A "Jack" is a customer that strolls into a car lot usually holding a note pad or a portfolio of some sort with quotes from other dealerships, specs of vehicles etc. Sometimes Jacks may even show up with a measuring tape of some sort. The reason they are referred to Jacks is because they "Jack off" the car salesman to get information out of the salesman with out any intention of buying a car from them. In other words a Jack will shop you and research you and buy from somewhere else thus the term "Jack" for "Jacking you off" Only seasoned and experienced Car Salesman can spot a Jack at first glance, its usually the Green Peas or the inexperienced salesman that gets Jacked royaly with out even knowing it
John: "Ive got these two walkers in the front line!"

Peter: "Wow!, good call John!! hope you can sell them a car!!"

Paul: " HAHA, hey Chris look, those are big fat Jacks coming this way, poor John he's about to get power stroked!! Let the Jack session begin!!"
by Duke 562 February 10, 2010

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