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street slang in NYC for bags of crack
swallow those jacks my nukka, po-9 is rollin up!
by hustlenomics June 21, 2006
22 28
another word for pay phones
"Also, cribs is homes, jacks is pay phones
Cocaine is known as candy, cigarettes is bones"

-Big L
by nas February 16, 2005
7 13
Some people find jack to be extremely attractive and want to viciously rip off his pants and suck his 18inch long penis. he has been offerd many different modelling contracts with names like 'Hollister, FHM, Nuts, Gay Weekly and The Gay Times.' although he was happy to recieve such opportunities he turnes them down (just like his 3 way spamming) if you see jack in the street, do NOT shake his hand, but DO suck on his penis head until you taste some of 'Jack's Herbs and Spice's'
Hey, is that a jack?! YES! let us go suck is long willy.
by ''Official Jack Fan Site'' November 16, 2011
4 11
Jack is someone who will treat you like his one and only one minute and then he will leave and pretend you never existed. He will break your heart. Avoid all Jack's
Girl 1: "What is wrong"?
Girl 2: " I have just been dumped by a Jack
Girl 1: awwww no :'(
by raaaaaaaaaaaaaawr September 30, 2011
11 18
A fat gay skinny prick with elf ears
Hes a jack
by Jjcbhhggyyhjn October 31, 2011
4 13
brown hair, brown eyes, long fingers, talks to himself, random, many explicit dreams, cute, likes sno-balls, and artsy. Doesn't have a wide vocabulary and loves indie music. Most Jacks are sarcastic and sweet and sexy. Jacks are picky with girlfriends but when they do they're HOTT ;). Tan and funny would describe most Jacks. The typical Jack is attracted to blonde haired girls with green eyes. Total sex on legs.
jack is so cool, it's too bad he has a girlfriend!
by sydney73197 April 18, 2010
50 59
the alternative for five pounds sterling
" yes bruv that will be a jacks (£5)"
by rasoool March 26, 2003
4 13