An amazing guy, makes any girl feel like the luckiest person ever - tall and strong can pick you up despite you not thinking he can. He knows how to make you laugh and has a lovely character - If you are not careful, you will spend hours on the phone to him or when you are with him you can see through his eyes - depite their awesome sexiness
If you are so lucky to meet a "jack" you will spend countless hours with him and find yourself with a most esteemed companion even though he can be cheeky sometimes......
may have a badboy past but thats ok because he is easily changed with his own mistakes
damn! you met a jack!!!!!
by Sunnies January 17, 2011
The most amazing guy you could ever meet. He is nice, funny, cute, and fun to be around. He makes you smile when your supposed to be upset. He makes you laugh even when the jokes arent funny because his smile is the brightest thing you have ever seen. You could cuddle with him for hours. He is a really good kisser and he gets what he wants in life. You can never stand in the way of Jack.
Wow his name must be Jack
by tortomosek April 03, 2015
Jack is the most amazing person in the world, he is so good looking and is to die for ! If you come across a jack in your life make sure you keep him in it! He has the most beautiful eyes. He doesn't like keeping to rules and is very dirty minded! Everyone is totally in love with him but he only has his eyes on one girl
Wow jack is so amazing we were texting last night and it was obvious he was flirting
by cocoapplebeanpine February 06, 2015
Short for jackass; refers to a man that is a jackass
" Dont be a Jack ! " " You act like a Jack when you lie !" " You were such a Jack to the waitress."
by Dodgedthatbullet January 06, 2015
Man, did you see that?!

Naw, I didn't see jack!
by Damastah April 09, 2014

who is an amazing gorgeous boy!
who has a huge penis who can please any lady!
anyones lucky to have a jack!
hes so good in bed and really knows how to make your bedrock!
everyone needs a strong sexy boy like Jack
if you dont have one your missing Jack!
wagwan geeze!
(sexy) (beautiful) (hot) (funny) (jack)
by sexybum1234 May 29, 2012
Slang for cigarette like shorts, cig or bogie. Created in the DC area years ago and used by a lit of people that smoke ports.
Yo, can I bum a jack? I'm going to smoke a jack. I need to go to the gas station to get some jacks.
by pens66871 September 14, 2011
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