Highly Attractive and Sexually Intriguin Individual. An "Ultimate Sex God"
Oh my Fucking God. I would tap a Jack.
by JackSharples April 19, 2009
A neonazi, bmp or far right extremist
More often than not a heti, ecchi or other freak and not exclusively cis
'look at that fukin jack wtf is is doin'
'i heard he was bmp'
by csgois4fegsnscrubs September 08, 2014
a man, of usually an older age, who is the man. he does whatever he pleases and doesn't care what anybody else thinks. he has a good sense of humor and can be found often laughing at his own jokes. he likes to tell younger men about his stories from back in the day, and most of the stories are legendary. he is respected by all who walk among him. (JACK must be spelled with all capital letters)
"that man over there is JACK and is always telling me crazy stories about his glory days."
by Michiganfan4 November 18, 2009
A prefix denoting less than total commitment to one's ideology or belief system. It could be one believes in it but does not act on it, or does the bare minimum, or less, necessary to be able to claim that ideology, or merely sympathizes with an ideology and associates with its adherents. Originally used by Mormons to refer to vacillating or insincere members, and non-Mormon allies of the Church.
She says she's a Christian and believes in Jesus but she only goes to church on Easter and she hasn't actually read the Bible. I guess she's a Jack Christian.
by JohnMoreDread December 22, 2015
Jack is one of the hottest boys you'll ever meet, he's smart and has the best personality, although he might come off as a bad boy, he is so funny and amazing and I'm so lucky to have him in my life.
Friend: wow! Who's that

Me: oh that's jack, I'm so glad to have him in my life

Friend: aw you're so lucky
by Bandsforever November 24, 2015
A egotistical perversed man with an extremely small penis that uses large dildos. He thinks he wins every argument because he's Jewish, but really he's black.
Man:why does that guy have a small penis?

by Man with a large penis October 14, 2015
A boy's/man's name.
Someone who is as witty and charming as they are handsome! When Jack speaks, he speaks directly to you, conveying honesty as he looks you in the eye. They are not only passionate but also patriotic and proud. Jack loves a good laugh and is great at storytelling too. He has a very good memory and is very modest because he is kind to everyone else he sees. Jacks love music and are very rhythmically talented. He possesses every quality that a woman or girl could desire - from his sexy eyes to his handsome smile and impressive body. A Jack is a person you will never forget.
I'm gutted that Jack has left!
Isn't Jack just amazing?!
Jack is so funny!
by remember in music? May 04, 2015
Someone who you could never forget, the kindest person who is not afraid to say how he feels. He has the strangest of friends and is very easy to talk to. You should never walk away from a Jack, it is the biggest mistake you could ever make.
"Jack is the sweetest guy!"
"I wish I had a Jack..."
by someone irrelevant May 02, 2015

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