Its an action of pulling a super slick CIAish move like Jack Bauer from 24. When you pull a Jack its something amazing that will save your or the whole world. When you Jack it means that you have just made a BEAST move or you have achieved superiority. When you pull a Jack it means that you have gotten yourself out of something that no one else could've except for Jack Bauer-Kiefer Sutherland
Wow he went all Jack on his ass
Yeah dude you just wonder why the police keep chasing him
I don't know all i know is man he is amazing
Yeah he always pulls a JACK
#24 #jack bauer #cia #beast #action jackson
by beast23chicago March 28, 2009
Guy who tries to wheel girls, but always ends up in the friendzone. See: Fuck Boy
"Yo, see that kid trying to wheel that girl, nigga ain't gettin shit. What a fuckin Jack dawg."
#roach #croach #froach #broach #troach #proach #groach #vroach
by Roach69 November 13, 2014
Man, did you see that?!

Naw, I didn't see jack!
#anything #something #nothing #jack #everything
by Damastah April 09, 2014
An amazingly sexy man with an enormous cock. Has really nice biceps and abs. He's faithful and will only make love to his soul mate, and he's thoughtful and loving. Great at cuddling and fantastic in bed.
"Gosh, you look exhausted!"
"Yeah, I was just making love to a Jack."
"O-oh yeah?? Well... I was just... Making love... To a sandwich."
"A sandwich?"
"No... I'm just super jealous and couldn't think of anything better than making love to a Jack."
"That's because there is nothing better."
#sexy #amazing #cuddling #cock #loving #faithful #biceps
by LickingLolliLollipops October 22, 2013
Jack is the most amazing person ever. He has gorgeous eyes, a good body he's loving and trustworthy and a good athlete. He's also absolutely amazing in bed and he has an absolutely massive penis. It's crazy how big it is.
Girl one: did you see jack?

Girl 2: yeah he's so dreamy and I've heard he's hung like a horse.
#sick #hot #awesome #hung #best person ever
by Coolperson111 December 27, 2012
Slang for cigarette like shorts, cig or bogie. Created in the DC area years ago and used by a lit of people that smoke ports.
Yo, can I bum a jack? I'm going to smoke a jack. I need to go to the gas station to get some jacks.
#cigarette #square #bogie #fag #newport
by pens66871 September 14, 2011
another word for a five pound note
yea it was a jacks altogether
by ghte May 21, 2005
A boy's/man's name.
Someone who is as witty and charming as they are handsome! When Jack speaks, he speaks directly to you, conveying honesty as he looks you in the eye. They are not only passionate but also patriotic and proud. Jack loves a good laugh and is great at storytelling too. He has a very good memory and is very modest because he is kind to everyone else he sees. Jacks love music and are very rhythmically talented. He possesses every quality that a woman or girl could desire - from his sexy eyes to his handsome smile and impressive body. A Jack is a person you will never forget.
I'm gutted that Jack has left!
Isn't Jack just amazing?!
Jack is so funny!
#sexy #handsome #kind #caring #modest #funny #music
by remember in music? May 04, 2015
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