A side project of singer/songwriter Andrew Mcmahon. Basicaly a solo project produced from the help of many other people including Tommy Lee on drums! Mcmahon uses his unique voice, powerful lyrics, and the heartfelt rithyms of his ever so famous piano. With a full album out now they are a great band to listen to whether your happy or sad. Basically Something Corporate with a little twist of pop flavor. For more info see Andrew Mcmahon or Something Corporate.
One hell of a kick ass side project sure to rock you. Jacks Mannequin is awsome
by socofan July 19, 2006
Top Definition
The amazing side-project of Something Corporate's front man, Andrew McMahon. Everything In Transit, "A concept album exploring his return to the hometown he left to pursue his music career with Something Corporate". The album was released on August 23, 2005. The songs are amazingly written and everyone can find someting to relate to. Buy the CD!!
If Jack's Mannequin came in powder form, I'd sniff it. - Anonymous
by Ashley (JM/SOCO enthus.) August 29, 2005
Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate's insanely amazing side project.
"When I listen to Jack's Mannequin, it totally makes me melt."
by Krissala September 17, 2005
A side project of Andrew McMahon that is actually written with out the apostrophe, just Jacks Mannequin
Andrew said in an interview that it was actually Jacks Mannequin instead of Jack's Mannequin.
by BreeM. November 30, 2005
Best band in the entire fucking world.
Pure sex.
every 15 year old girls wet dream.
i just orgasmed to jack's mannequin.
by h4!l3yyx April 02, 2008
Piano Rock, to rock out on a grand piano, upright or keyboard. Kicking over your bench or seat and pounding some ivorys. A Jack's Mannequin might also exhibit the compulsion to dance on a piano.
That band is trying to play some Jack's Mannequin
by MichaelZ April 27, 2006
The perfect shade of "dark blue." Which may or may not be found in a box of crayons.
Oh, would you look at that? Tonight's the prefect shade of Jack's Mannequin.
by Kerosene December 22, 2005
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