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A deadly disease that when contracted creates extreme anal retentiveness, hatred of all video games, and a complete loss of all logical thought processes.
1.Hatred all video games. Especially those with even an ounce of violence in them. (This includes Hello Kitty Roller Rescue, because nothing teaches violence like watching a cat wack blue blobs with a little yellow mallet on roller skates.)
2. Fear of facts. Even if the book is right in front of you.
3. No respect for anyone else's opinions or beliefs other than your own. (Coincidentally, the KKK hold the same view.)
4. The only people you associate with want nothing to do with you and/or are ignorant parents who cant figure out that it's their responsibility what their kids play.
5.Every time you try, you fail. And fail some more. Then you blame it on someone else.
Wacky-Jacky Syndrome, Old Man FAIL.
Example 1:

JTD victim: OH MY GOD! That child just threw an ice-ball. SUE BUNGIE! How dare you teach our children how to throw grenade sized, spherical objects at each other!

Onlookers: Jack Thompson Disease strikes again.

Example 2:


Judge: Overruled.


Judge: Overruled.

Lawyer: YOU SUCK!

Judge: You're out of line.


Jury member: Must have Old Man FAIL...
by Akuryuha May 30, 2008
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