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Drinking three or more shots of Jack Daniels in the course of a minute, with the intent of getting black out drunk
Walking up to the bar, ordering a Jack Out (three shots on Jack Daniels at once). After the shots arrive, lining up the shots and having a single person take one right after another.

Note: Chaser in between shots is optional
by P 2008 May 30, 2008
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To leave work unannounced with no warning. To sneak out before the appropriate end of the work day.
Daron said he is going to Jack Out today at 2pm so he can go golfing.

Dude, I am going to Jack Out of here as soon as the manager steps away.

John just Jacked Out the back door.
by TheInsideMan July 31, 2009
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a term used by Megaman enthusiasts instead of "jack off"
PET Trainer 1: Megaman jack out!
PET Trainer 2: Woohoo!! Free show!!
by Aroxor31 July 10, 2008
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Jacking off while hanging out with your bros
Danny: God, why can't I just hang out with my bros and jack out!?
Arin: I love to jack out with my bros!
by Kipst3r January 29, 2016
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