Talentless piece of shite, actually believes he's a good producer or whatever eventhough he fails to understand he's where he is only thanks to daddy's money. It's more of an occupation than a real vocation.
Too fat, probably from stuffing his face with too many rich foods.
The definition of a meaningless life : due to his father's achievements he will continue to live off his money like a spoilt brat all his life...and probably get fatter in the process.
"Stop playing Jack Osbourne, and start getting serious" meaning stop lying around the house like a fat slob, living off someone else's money and get a job you pathetic cunt.
by greg March 19, 2005
Top Definition
he's a fat little joke who thinks he's some kind of pimp and record executive. when in actuallity the fat, ugly little shit would never be in the record buisiness or get any of the the skanks that he does, if he wasn't ozzy's son.
jack is fat
by camille January 19, 2004
fat little shit who labours under the mis-aprehenshion that he is hard.
his dad is a total geezer though
by bigmeuprudeboy September 11, 2003
A stupid fat fuck who thinks hes cool. Would probably die of starvation if he dident have daddys money. Only eighteen and had to go to rehab for drinking and smoking pot, what a loser
No record label would hire if you werent ozzy's son not even mcdonalds would you fuckup
by Irish guy May 18, 2005
Son of Ozzy Osbourne. Has actually lost a lot of weight and is trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Turned away from drugs and alcohol because he previously had to go to rehab.
Jack Osbourne is rich because of his dad.
by camilleo December 28, 2005
He looks like Bozo but 100 lbs more fat. If Ozzy didn't do drugs long ago, I'm sure Jack would be an orphan.
Damn, jack osbourne got a squeeky voice and he's like 18!
by Oz January 17, 2005
Son of Ozzy...fat but still hot and rich.
Kelly Osbourne is a fugly fattie with no talent and a hot brother.
by Anna February 21, 2005
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